Applies to all plans
  • 7-day Free trial

  • 12-hour Schedule

  • Shopify or Amazon

  • Product Addition / Import *

  • Product Update / Sync

    Variant / SKU limit
    Data Feeds
    Price ($)
    Small 4,000 2 5
    Small Plus 10,000 3 10
    Medium 20,000 6 15
    Medium Plus 30,000 10 20
    Large 50,000 10 25
    Large Plus 120,000 20 49

Pricing FAQ

1) What is Easy Sync Pricing based on?

Easy Sync pricing is simple. It is based on the number of SKUs (Variants) that you will import,add or synchronize with the source file or data feed. For example,if you have 250 products and each product has 4 variants,you will have a total of 1000 variants or SKUs. A small plan will be enough to sync 1000 variants each day.


2) How does the Variant or SKU limit work? Is it daily limit or monthly limit?

Each plan has a daily (24-hours) limit on variants or SKUs. Within the 24 hours,you can run a maximum of 2 automatic schedules and any number of manual updates. However,all the manual or automatic updates in a 24-hour period must be within the daily SKU limit.

For example,if you have a 100 SKU source file,you can auto-update twice and manual update of 8 times. (100 SKUs X 2 auto updates) + (100 SKUs X 8 manual updates) = 1,000 SKUs.


3) What is Product Addition (insert) or Product Update (sync)?

Product Addition means you create a new product from the product data in your source file (feed). Product update means you will update certain fields in your store. For example,you might want to update the product price or quantity daily.


4) I don’t have an Amazon store. Will Easy Sync work on my Shopify store only?

Yes,you can add or update products for your Shopify store only. Amazon store can be connected as an option.

However,listing your products on Amazon increases your visibility,which can increase your revenue. We provide you an option to sell on Amazon without extra effort.


5) Does the same supplier source file or feed work on my Shopify and Amazon store?

Yes,the same source file can be used to update your stores on Shopify and Amazon. You will need to setup (one-time setup) 3 feeds to auto-update the products. 


6) Is there different pricing for Product addition and Product Update?

No,there is no difference. If you must add 2000 variants and update the product quantity each day. You can select the plan which will enable 2000 variant update.

Also,Easy Sync can automatically identify new products and add them to your Shopify store.


7) What does unlimited supplier or unlimited Data source mean?

Easy Sync does not have a limit on number of suppliers. Easy sync is the best option if you have multiple suppliers and each supplier sends product information in different files.


8) Can I add or insert products to my Amazon store?

No,only product update or sync option is available to your Amazon store.


9) What if my daily Variant limit exceeds the count mentioned in the plans?

Please contact our support team at for higher level of variants.  


10) How can the support team help?

Our support team can help with data feed setup or custom data integration like SOAP or external API. There is no upfront cost to setup data feeds and mapping. 


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